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  • Sudoku Puzzle  v.2.00SBY is a PC-based Sudoku program that far exceeds the functionality of the typical puzzle-solving program. It comes with hundreds of puzzles and an electronic work sheet for solving PLUS a host of exciting features.
  • Ichiban Sudoku  v.1.9Ichiban Sudoku is the \A Number 1\ sudoku program, bringing the worldwide puzzle sensation to life on your home computer. With four levels of infinite puzzle creation, the fun never ends. Create, Print, Solve or Hint - Ichiban Sudoku has it all.
  • Into Sudoku  v.1.84This Sudoku program generates puzzles at every level which can be printed or can be solved on the computer. New puzzles are generated in a few seconds. This program also offers the features of teaching a player how to solve more challenging puzzles.
  • Marc's SuDoKu  v.1.0Marc's SuDoKu is a complete SuDoKu program with advanced puzzle creation and solving engine (see With Marc's SuDoKu you can play alone or in duel/battle via the included NetPlay. You need Java6 (read the ...
  • Sudoku Assistenten  v.2.0Sudoku Assistenten is a free program that will let you learn about, solve, print, export, copy/paste, analyse, rate difficulty, recieve hints and even make your very own sudoku that can be shared on the programs online forum.
  • CSudoku  v.0.3CSudoku is a command line Sudoku solving program.
  • Sudoku expert  v.1.3Sudoku expert is the most desirable program for each logic game lover and especially the ones who enjoy Sudoku puzzles. This software allows you to get unlimited number of high-quality Sudoku puzzles that have a single solution. Sudoku expert will ...
  • Sudoku Puzzles Ace  v.1.50Millions of different Sudoku puzzles to play offline (free trial) ...
  • CR-Sudoku  v.1.0With CR-Sudoku you can generate, play, solve and save Sudoku games.
  • Sudoku Accelerator  v.3.0Sudoku Accelerator is a fun way to play sudoku! It keeps track of all your available moves for you so you can stop scratching and erasing with your pencil. You can play puzzles of three difficulty levels, or you can enter any puzzle you want!
  • Sudoku 9981  v.5.01Sudoku puzzle game for Windows,with the color marking function and specific method to control candidate number,you can use the advanced techniques of sudoku more easily.
  • My SUDOKU  v.1.62The computer program My SUDOKU, designed in, enables building exciting sudoku puzzles of several difficulty levels. You can solve each puzzle yourself, using tips. My SUDOKU may also solve the puzzle on the Users request.
  • Sudoku Ace  v.1.35Sudoku Ace is new puzzle software based on Sudoku - a Japanese numbers game initially introduced in 1986. The Sudoku-mania really took the world over this year. For example, one of the major British newspapers The Telegraph, which started publishing ...
  • A C Language Sudoku Solver  v.13Another SUDOKU solver written in C language. A console based program that displays step by step how to reach solution of this famous ...
  • Python Sudoku  v.0.13Python Sudoku is a text and graphical (gtk interface) program to create or resolve sudokus. It can also print a sudoku (1 or 4 sudokus in each page) and write an image (png, jpeg, etc) with a ...
  • Sumdoku - Killer Sudoku  v.1.0This is a program that generates sudoku and sumduko puzzles, and tracks how long it takes to complete, etc. A score is awarded for fast completion of these random puzzles. Careful, it is addictive :) // Tony Muilenburg // tonymuilenburg(at) ...
  • PyGTK Sudoku  v.1.0A Pythonic program to generate and solve a Sudoku puzzle of any N by N dimension. It uses a combination of logic and guess to solve the puzzle. The GUI is written with PyGTK and the code can be use as a guidelines of using Python Generators.
  • Sudoku 1.0  v.1.0This is a random Sudoku puzzle generator for the Ti83/84 Plus family of graphing calculators. There are no preset puzzles, as far as I know this is the only program of its kind. Hope you enjoy it.
  • Sudoku alg on a cognac chest  v.1.0Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum - Fifteen men on a dead man's chest. This is a project for solving a sudoku with the help of Prolog programming language. The program will be able not to only solve a defined sudoku but enumerate all available in a ...
  • True Sudoku  v.1.0True Sudoku is a program capable of logically solving Sudoku puzzles and generating Sudoku Puzzles with unique solutions. By never guessing any answer, True Sudoku follow the real rules of Sudoku that other programs have forgotten.
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